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Wedding Planning Services

Every bride and groom, a dream of a beautiful wedding. The day when two individual souls come together to take a vow that’ll last a lifetime. And each and every wedding comes with its unique requirements. We also understand that when it comes to Weddings, it’s all about the details. From the smallest detail such as the kind of flowers required, to the larger ones such as the destination and the visual theme of the wedding. We’re here to make your fairy tale wedding a reality. Combining the best available vendors, the highest level of creativity and an expert team Prisa Events is a name that has become synonymous with epic weddings.

Destination Wedding

These days, destination weddings have become a common fair. At Prisa Events, we make sure that we stand out from the clutter in pulling your dream Destination Wedding straight out of a fairy tale! Right from its conceptualization till your guests return safely home, we’re going to make sure that not only does your wedding stand out, but it creates a mark in the wedding industry that even surpasses our own expectations. Right from the Wedding Schedule Developments, to selecting the right destination, to organizing travel plans we’re here to ease your Destination Wedding planning like never before.

Corporate Event

As an organization, we understand that corporate events are a window to display organizational excellency to the world. And as they say, any organization is as strong as its work force, we understand the delicacy involved in making sure all laid out parameters are met. Whether it comes to engaging and building team staff or making sure that the best corporate event is planned that achieves all the results that are required.


Planning a dream wedding can be quiet amazing. But if it’s not captured the right way, a lot of effort can go waste. We at Prisa Events understand the importance of Photography and how important it can be to capture those memories so that they can be cherished for years to come. We make sure our photographers are not only highly skilled. We’ve also made sure they’re using state-of-the-art equipment when it comes to post production as well as immense creativity to make the pictures and videos come alive in a beautiful story-telling format which is created in close consultation with our own customers. 

Food Catering

Every event needs to be filled with happy stomachs. And behind those happy stomachs is a premium catering service that not only provides safe and efficient food for a large audience but also to ensure that the quality of food is maintained throughout. Which is where Prisa Events comes in. We provide catering services of all kinds, all cuisines and catering to vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.

We specifically provide – Wedding Party Catering, Private Party Catering, Beverage Solutions (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic)


As an exhibitionist, we understand the essence of not only designing the stall in a creative way from scratch but also how important it is to truly make one’s products and services shine amongst the clutter.

From the Owner's Desk

“Destination Weddings” is my pride and joy. With my own company I have the opportunity to use my creativity to its fullest potential and the ability to give my Brides and Grooms the respect and attention they deserve. This being my passion, I always feel blessed to be an integral part of such important moments in the life of a couple. Making them happy is my greatest fulfillment. Proudly the best event planner in Pune.

– Priya Kothadia

Who We Are

In today’s day and age, where time is money the events industry is valued at about Rs. 5,000 Crores. And with the unlimited availability of resources finding the right even planner can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Which is where Prisa Events bridges the gap. Comprised of team of experts when it comes to planning events whether you’re a corporate organization or a private industrialist or someone who’s just wanting to make their dream wedding a reality. We’re here to make that happen and exceed your event expectations beyond your wildest dreams.

Benefits of working with us


When it comes to events, no demand is too far reaching. We understand the individuality each client comes with and we make sure we do our best to understand our client's requirements.


We have a unique, tight and seamless vendor network that covers all aspect of getting events of all sizes together.


We understand the cost pressure that comes with making each event a successful one and we're here to make sure that not only are we cost effective but we only use resources that are truly required.


When planning an event, one of our biggest assets is transparency with our clients during all stages of the event planning process. Right from conceptualization to execution. And we're going to stick with our clients till the very end step.


Everything we do is result-oriented. And with each event whether it's a personal one such as a birthday party or wedding or a large corporate event, we make sure we actualize the results you are truly looking for.

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Think of us as your Wedding Genie. Whatever wedding requirement you can think of, we can make it happen and help you make priceless memories that'll last a life time.

What We Do

At Prisa Events, we’re here to make sure that we can provide the best possible resources, talent, vendors and resources to make your event shine the way it was meant to. There’s a lot that separates us from the clutter, when it comes to the way we function that makes every event planning process a unique and seamless one.

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Whether you’re someone who’s looking at making their dream, fairy tale wedding come true, or an organization that’s looking to do a breakthrough event or someone who’s planning your beloved child’s birthday party, we’re always eager to connect with fresh faces.

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